Dear listener.

Are you ready to rock?

If you love rock music with soul, variation, and edge, then you should check out FlawFiction. They are the ultimate rock band that are not afraid to explore different styles and combinations within the rock genre. 

Whether you like hard rock, funky grooves, or progressive experiments, FlawFiction has something for you. They play with great energy and passion, and they are not afraid to challenge themselves and their listeners.

FlawFiction consists of Daniel on vocals and guitar, Morten on drums, and Karsten on bass. The tight rhythm section have an impressive interplay, where they create a wide and rich sound image that supports Daniel’s powerful vocal and characteristic roaring and screaming guitar.

Daniel also writes the band’s music and songs, which are relevant and meaningful in today’s world. He tackles topics such as climate crisis, superficiality, anxiety, and life’s meaning with honesty and insight.

FlawFiction is a band that will make you feel alive, inspired, and moved by their music and makes you fly away in a vault of emotions, and rhythms. They are a fresh and original addition to the classic rock scene, and they have a lot to offer.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover FlawFiction today, and enjoy real rock music in a new way.

The devils blade.